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I used to be a full-time blogger and miss it! I’m a single mom so I don’t always have the bandwidth for the formal publishing process (pitch, wait, write, wait, edit, wait, invoice for $300, wait, wait, wait) before being dragged away into bedtime hell. But I do have the bandwidth for a newsletter, and this is for people who are full people, which includes moms, who are full people, and me, who is a full person who loves to write and think about parenting, single parenting, amazing moms, amazing kids, amazing products (I stan a discount code), the news cycle (not amazing, but important), feminism (amazing and important), resistance, Canadians, media crit, activism, Diet Coke, funny women, and of course, musical theater.

This “about” section will change when I get into a rhythm, but that’s pretty much what I’m about. You can get to know me at @theluckiestnyc and @rachelsklar on Insta, or at @rachelsklar on Twitter if you’re into all-caps rage tweets.

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I will publish thrice a week, mostly so I can say the word “thrice.” Eventually I will erect a paywall, mostly so I can say the word “erect.” I’d be thrilled if you became a paying subscriber, mostly so I can have “money.”

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The comments section here won’t be a cesspool like Twitter. I will mess up trolls but good.

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